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Giving hope to PWDs

Disabled Welfare Association is a Sindh based Organization of People with Disabilities (OPD) is a registered organization under the 1961 ordinance of Govt of Pakistan in 2003. Our head office is situated in the center of Karachi. Some of our notable contributions are:

  • Coordination with the Government for implementation of disability rights.

  • Running a Disability Advocacy Campaign for gender mainstreaming and disability awareness.

  • Reduce the existing disability discrimination and increase social recognition of PWDs.

  • Arrange ongoing events and sports tailored for PWDs, promoting their active engagement in daily life.

  • Provide essential aid to financially challenged families with Persons with Disabilities PWDs.

Our Mission

To build inclusive, barrier-free, and right-based society.

Our Vision

Empower people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice, opportunity, and acceptance in an inclusive world.

Our Values

Inspiring dignity, empowerment, and inclusion for people with disabilities through our unwavering commitment to compassion, equality, and advocacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions

In our commitment to transparency and providing valuable information, here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

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What services do we provide for disabled individuals?

We offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of disabled individuals. These include accessibility support, assistive technology resources, counseling services, and community outreach programs designed to enhance their quality of life.

How can I volunteer to support disabled people?

We welcome passionate individuals to join our volunteer programs. Whether you're interested in organizing events, providing mentorship, or assisting with fundraising efforts, there are various ways to get involved. Visit our 'Volunteer' page to learn more about the opportunities available.

Can I donate to Disabled Welfare Association online?

Absolutely! Donating to Disabled Welfare Association is easy and secure. You can make a one-time or recurring donation through our website's 'Donate' section. Your contributions directly support our initiatives, making a significant impact on the lives of disabled individuals.

How do we ensure the funds are used effectively to help disabled people?

Transparency and accountability are our priorities. We regularly publish financial reports detailing how funds are utilized. Our dedicated team works diligently to maximize the impact of every donation, ensuring it directly benefits the disabled individuals we serve.

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