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Our Core Activities

DWA core activities are declined in several pillars

Accessibility Audit

A specialized team of Accessibility Auditors is the pride for DWA. This team has conducted the audit of many important public/private places.

Capacity Building

Users often participate capacity building trainings which include academic sessions, graphics, English, handicraft and Sign language courses.

IL and Motivational Session

DWA has a team of role models and veteran public speakers with disabilities, who conduct frequent motivation session for its users.

Socializing Opportunities

Every day, all the members spend the whole day in DWA IL center and they enjoy a lot here as they do lunch together and celebrate birthdays.

Outreach Activities

For exposure, DWA members are taken for shopping and they also participate in many events of different DPOs for Persons with Disabilities.

Recreational Activities

Annual picnic and eating out are a much awaited fun activities. DWA members remain highly excited for picnics or eating outopportunities.

DWA- A true provincial, National and International level Representative of the Community of the disabled

We are always ready to serve and respond

A Glimpse of DWA Projects

We say no to charity. A dignified life is our utmost pride

HANDS- IL Center

Women Empowerment Project

DWA Repairing workshop

Project Based Perspective

We never compromiseon Self-respect

DWA started its journey as a protest group to win self-respect, equality and social acceptance for Persons with disabilities in the main stream of the Society. DWA has adopted project based approach since the beginning. Enlisted here all the previous and live projects of DWA.

Wheelchair Cricket Tournament

Previous Projects                   Live Projects

Taraqqi Bazar (World Bank)                                    HANDS DWA IL Center)
NayaQadam                                                           HI-DWA Empowerment project for Women
Self-Respect Project (Telenor)                               National Sports Tournament (HBL)
Rehabilitation of Afghan PWDs and
   Pakitsanis IDPs communities
Inclusive Community Assessment (HI)