11 Oct, 2023

Empowering People with Disabilities at the Pakistan’s First Fully Staffed Fuel Station

Dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity, Disability Welfare Association (DWA) introduces a groundbreaking initiative in Pakistan – the establishment of the country’s first fuel station fully operated by People with Disabilities (PWDs). This pioneering concept envisions a petrol pump where every staff member, from attendants to managers, comprises individuals with diverse abilities, showcasing their talents and expertise in the workforce. Adjacent to this innovative fuel station, DWA is also launching a tuck shop and a food cafe, creating a comprehensive space where customers can fuel not just their vehicles, but also their spirits. This holistic approach not only provides meaningful employment opportunities for PWDs but also fosters a sense of community, acceptance, and pride. DWA’s initiative not only fuels vehicles but ignites hope, proving that when given equal opportunities, individuals with disabilities can excel and contribute significantly to society.

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    18 Jul, 2024

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